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Do we sell property?

Yes we do!

Island Realty Group is a full-service real estate brokerage dedicated to finding you that perfect shore property. We serve the entire South Jersey Shore Area from Brigantine to the Wildwoods plus mainland Somers Point.

Now more than ever is the best time to consider realizing that dream of owning a property at the shore. Our professional sales team is standing by!

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Why Wildwood ..

because Wildwood has big, beautiful beaches that are FREE, beach concerts, a great boardwalk with all the amusements, shopping, rides, roller coasters, games, miniature golf,  boardwalk food for all, pizza, ice cream, french fries, deep sea fishing, charter boats, sea-doo rentals, sailing, magnificent sunsets at Sunset Lake, great restaurants an exciting  nightlife, parades, car shows, Hot rods, Irish weekends, Harley weekend, Fireman's weekend, Hereford Lighthouse, Doo-Wop museum, Convention Center, Pacific Avenue shopping, a full calendar of events, nearby attractions - Cape May County zoo, historic and quaint Cape May, ferry to Lewes, DE, Atlantic City casinos, Stone Harbor shopping, village of Cold Spring,  and so much more


The boardwalk is two and a half miles of fun with 3 amusement piers, 2 water parks, 7 roller coasters. It boasts of the tallest Ferris wheel on East coast, carnival games, convention center, movie theaters, shopping and eateries. If you don't want to walk , you can ride on the trams which run continuously. At night, the boardwalk takes on its own personality with flashing neon lights, music, and a friendly carnival atmosphere.


Action Amusements -729 5371 At the Jersey Shore Net - North Wildwood - 898-9870
Atlantic Pier Amusement - 4001 Boardwalk - 846-1111
Big Top Carnival of Fun - Glenwood Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood
Bill's Amusement Co - Wildwood - 522-3064
Bobby Dee's Arcade - 3600 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Bust Em Up - 3312 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-6678
Castle Casino Arcade - Bennett Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-5371>
Den of Lost Thieves - 3410 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-1991
Dinosaur Beach Adventures Theme Park - Poplar Avenue, Wildwood
Disco Fever 6 - 3410 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Dougherty Bros Entertainment - 2318 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 522-0044
Duke's Billiards - 3305 Bayshore Road, Wildwood - 898-1110
Ed's Funcade l - 2002 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 729-3113
Ed's Funcade ll - 2216 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 729-3223 Elbee Variety - 2502 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 522-6045
Flipper's Fascination - 410 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-4747
Fun Pier Karts -  2300 Boardwalk, North Wildwood
Fun Time Casino Arcade - 2701 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-6157
Funtime Casino Arcade - 4012 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-8080
Gateway 26 - 26th and Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 523-2600
Gift USA - 2804 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-8080
Greyhound Amusements - 2805 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 522-6485
Harbor Light Putting - 10200 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest - 522-1221
Islander Raceway and Amusement Park - 879 W Wildwood Boulevard, Wildwood - 523-1386
Ken Dor Enterprises - 25th and Boardwalk, North Wildwood
Loughran Paul - 3910 Boardwalk, Wildwood
MCR Concessions at Morey's Pier  - 3601 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-6828
Mariners Arcade - Schellenger Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-5562
Mariners Landing - Schellenger Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood
Morey's Piers - Schellenger Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-3900
  • Mariners Landing and Raging Waters Theme Park
  • Morey's Piers and Raging Waters Theme Park - 25th and Boardwalk
  • Wildwheels and Adventure Pier - Spencer Avenue and Boardwalk

Nickels Midway Pier - E Schellenger Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-2542
Olympic Enterprises - 2400 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 729-2400
Park Place Family Entertainment - 5000 Park Boulevard, Wildwood - 522-3300
Pay Boy's Arcade - 3900 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Pit Stop Arcade - 4001 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Race Zone Amusements Inc - 321 Cedar Avenue, Wildwood - 729-8690
Ross Enterprises East - 118 E 22nd Avenue, North Wildwood
Samson Amusements - 3208 Boardwalk, Wildwood
Seaport Aquarium - 3400 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-2700
Seaport Safari - Seaport Village Pier - 22nd and Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 729-7627
Sightseer's Inc - 5300 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-8726
Skycoster - 4001 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-6611
Skycoster - 25th Avenue, North Wildwood - 729-8200
Skyscraper - 2701 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 846-9040
Splash Zone Waterpark - 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-5600
Sportland Skilo - 1900 Boardwalk, North Wildwood - 522-1044
Stanley Sportland - 3409 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-1820 Stefanelli Anthony - 3818 Boardwalk, Wildwood Ultra Neon - 3201 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood - 523-4255
Variety Casino - 3700 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-7639
Variety Corner - 3700 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 522-5689
Wildwheels Raceway and Adventure Pier - Spencer Avenue and Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-3334
Wildwood Casino Arcade - 2912 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-5885
Wildwood Motor Sports - 2701 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 729-5278  


Acapulco Restaurant - 729-1880
Alfe's Restaurant - 729-5755
Al the Steak King and Pizza - 729-1637
Aguila Uno Restaurant - 523-0002
Anchor Inn - 522-8433
Angela's Place Inc - 729-2631
Apollo Diner and Restaurant -
Atlantic Restaurant and Motel - 522-2466
B and B Boardwalk Pub - 523-8815
Beach Creek Oyster Bar -
Bella Villa Pizzeria and Restaurant  - 522-0303
Big Bertha's BBQ and Blues -
Big Ernie's Famous 50's - 522-8288
Boathouse Restaurant - 729-5301
Bolero Motel and Cocktail Lounge -  522-6929
Buffet Lu- 4901 Hudson Avenue, Wildwood - 523-8883
Burger King - 523-8584
Captain Benny's Open Air Bar-B-Q -  522-0042
Celtic Tavern -
Chiarella's Ristorante - 522-7045
Claudes - 522-0400
Crab Island - 522-9339
Crestwood Diner - 522-3392
Docksider's Pizza and Grille - 523-0300
Dolphin Restaurant - 522-7547
Donovan's Reef - 522-9454
Dragon House - 522-2320
Duffer's Restaurant & Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor - 729-1817
English Grille - 729-1546
Fat Daddy's Steaks - 522-6542
Garfield’s Restaurant & Lounge - 729-0120
Genova's Italian Restaurant - 729-4060
Groff's Restaurant - 522-5474
Harry's Corner - 729-7091
Hot Spot 2000 - 522-2422
Hot Spot - 522-0034
Hot Spot - 522-4500
Hot Spot 5 - 3020 Boardwalk, Wildwood - 523-7079
Hot Spot 4 - 522-9777
JJ's Craw Daddy's - 729-3330
Kelly's Cafe - 522-6817
Kentucky Fried Chicken - 522-3055
Key West Cafe - 522-3433
King Buffet Chinese Restaurant - 4901 Hudson Avenue, Wildwood - 523-8883
Kokomo's Restaurant & Microbrewery - 523-1800
La Margarita - 522-9225
La Piazza Cucina Italiano Restaurant - 522-8300
Larkin's Restaurant - 522-4554
Lighthouse Pointe - 522-7447
Little Angelo - 729-4238
Lobster Shack - 522-4392
Luigi's Restaurant - 522-8571
Luigi's Steaks and Hoagies - 522-7644
Mack's Pizza - 729-0244
Mama Leone's 11 - 522-1999
Mama Leone's Spaghetti House - 522-8533
Manna from Heaven Bakery - 846-9199
Maureen's Restaurant and Martini Bar - 522-7747
Mom's Spaghetti House - 729-2055
Mr D's - 522-2026
Mulligan's Sports Bar and Grill - 522-4883
Neal's Steak & Chowder House - 522-5226
No 1 Dragon House - 522-2320
Oak Avenue Seafood Restaurant -  729-4747
Ocean Club - 523-0099
Olivers Pancake and Steak House - 522-5506
Olympic Flame Restaurant - 522-2202
Olympic Flame Restaurant 2- 522-1830
Pierre's Restaurant - 522-2600
Poplar Cafe - 729-3861
Pyro's Pizza - 729-3235
Quality Restaurant - 522-2240
Ravioli House - 522-7894
Red Oak Restaurant - 522-9560
Romeo's Pizzeria - 523-0230
Romeo's Pizzeria - 523-1515
Russo's Gingham Restaurant - 522-7038
Rusty Rudder Restaurant - 522-3085
Schellenger’s -  522-0443
Seven Seas Cafe - 522-3583
Sorrento V Pizzeria and Restaurant - 522-6677
Subway Sandwich - 729-1155
Surf Irish Tavern - 522-2431
Teddy's - 522-1800
3 J's Pizza and Subs - 522-3520
Tom Cat Restaurant - 522-8586
Towers Fast Foods - 729-2244
Tucker's Pub - 846-1100
Uncle Bill's Pancake House - 729-7557
Urie's Waterfront -  522-4947
Vincenzo's Restaurant - 729-1460
Waterfront Grill -  729-2858
Wharf - 522-6336
White Dolphin Restaurant - 522-4006
Wildwood Diner - 522-3531




A growing number of buyers are entering the market through purchases of REO/Foreclosures or Short-Sales. To better understand these purchasing vehicles we felt it best to fully define each term:

A short sale is when a bank or mortgage lender agrees to discount a loan balance due to an economic hardship on the part of the mortgagor. The home owner/debtor sells the mortgaged property for less than the outstanding balance of the loan, and turns over the proceeds of the sale to the lender in full satisfaction of the debt. In such instances, the lender would have the right to approve or disapprove of a proposed sale.

Extenuating circumstances influence whether or not banks will discount a loan balance. These circumstances are usually related to the current real estate market climate and the individual borrower's financial situation.


A short sale typically is executed to prevent a home foreclosure, but the decision to proceed with a short sale is predicated on the most economic way for the bank to recover the amount owed on the property. Often a bank will allow a short sale if they believe that it will result in a smaller financial loss than foreclosing as there are carrying costs that are associated with a foreclosure. A bank will typically determine the amount of equity (or lack thereof), by determining the probable selling price from a Broker Price Opinion BPO or through a valuation of an appraisal. For the home owner, advantages include avoidance of a foreclosure on their credit history and partial control of the monetary deficiency. A short sale is typically faster and less expensive than a foreclosure.

In short, a short sale is nothing more than negotiating with lien holders a payoff for less than what they are owed, or rather a sale of a debt, generally on a piece of real estate, short of the full debt amount. It does not extinguish the remaining balance unless settlement is clearly indicated on the acceptance of offer. Often a bank will choose to allow a short sale if they believe that it will result in a smaller financial loss than foreclosing.

Lenders have a department (typically called a loss mitigation department) which processes potential short sale transactions. Typically, lenders do not accept short sale offers or requests for short sales until a Notice of Default has been issued or recorded with the locality where the property is located. Lenders have a varying tolerance for short sales and mitigated losses. The majority of lenders have a pre-determined criteria for such transactions. Other distressed lenders may allow any reasonable offer subject to a loss mitigator's approval. "Red tape" is very common in short sales, similar to REO and HUD properties, requiring potentially multiple levels of approvals and conditions. Junior liens, such as second mortgagees, HELOC lenders, and HOA (special assessment liens), may need to approve of the short sale. Frequent objectors to short sales include tax lienors (income, estate or corporate franchise tax - as opposed to real property taxes, which have priority even unrecorded) and mechanic's lien holders. It is possible for junior lien holders to prevent the short sale.

While it is frequent if not common for a lender to forgive the balance of the loan in question, in some instances the deficiency is sometimes passed on to the debtor as ordinary income through the issuance of a 1099 and thus subject to federal income taxes. Each situation is unique.

The benefit to buyers is the potential to purchase a property at a price significantly under market value. The main pitfall of this type of purchase is the time from the submission of an offer to settlement can be as much as 4 months since the lender has varying levels of approvals needed to finally accept a buyer's offer.

Regarding the impact on one's credit, a short sale does adversely affect a person's credit report, though the negative impact is typically less than a foreclosure. Short sales are a type of settlement. Like all entries except for bankruptcy, short sales remain on a credit report for seven years. Depending upon other credit information it is typically possible to obtain another mortgage 1-3 years after a short sale.

While it is frequent if not common for a lender to forgive the balance of the loan in question, it is unlikely that a lien holder that is not a mortgagee will forgive any of their balance. Further, it is common for a lender to omit updating mortgage balances zero balance after a short sale. However, willfully misrepresenting information on a credit report can constitute libel in some jurisdictions, and lenders may be sued in civil court for engaging in this behavior.

Plain and simple, a Foreclosure is the legal process in which a
bank or other secured creditor sells or repossesses a parcel of real property after the owner has failed to comply with an agreement between the lender and borrower called a "mortgage" or "deed of trust". Commonly, the violation of the mortgage is a default in payment of a promissory note, secured by a lien on the property. When the process is complete, the lender can sell the property and keep the proceeds to pay off its mortgage and any legal costs, and it is typically said that "the lender has foreclosed its mortgage or lien". The entire foreclosure process can take as long as 6 months and is very costly to the bank so in most instances a short-sale solution is preferred.

Buying a foreclosure is an easier process than the short-sale however, since you are dealing with the owner (the bank) who can do as they wish. Unfortunately each bank conducts their sales differently as some hold offers without counteroffers while other respond as in a normal sale.

In both Short-Sales and Foreclosures the bank has a preferred selling price in mind. Typically 90% to 95% of asking price is desired since this number is already far below market value.



Contact me at 609.402.8900 for additional information or use our HOMESEARCH option to select the type of property you are interested in and type "FORECLOSURE/SHORT SALE" in the comments section.

Within 24 hours we will furnish you with a complete listing of all the Foreclosures and Short Sales in not only Wildwood but if you choose all of Cape May and Atlantic Counties.

One of the most important items that needs to be in place BEFORE you choose to make an offer on a Foreclosure or Short Sale is financing. Keep in mind whether you are buying a bank-owned property or a short-sale the bank is looking for a "slam-dunk"! Cash is king, and when coupled with a quick close can equal a tremendous  opportunity to buy a property at a deep discount. Proof of funds such as a bank statement should accompany all offers. If you will be financing your purchase a pre-qual will need to accompany your offer. The best way to strengthen a financed offer is to have everything in place in order to facilitate a quick closing.

Typically foreclosures and short sales require the property to be sold "as-is". Under the law no one can require you to waive your right to inspections but the bank will not permit alterations to the purchase price to reflect items in need of repair as they are only concerned with the bottom line.

The best solution is, once you've decided on a property, have your home inspector look at the property before you make your offer. In this instance if you are willing to move forward you can then make your offer and waive your inspection since it's already been done. This would look very attractive to the seller.

When buying short sales and foreclosures keep in mind you are not the only person looking for the "deal of the century!". I have seen many buyers lose a property for a minute amount that in hindsight they were willing to pay. Make your offer the best and final at the most reasonable terms.

I have been involved in numerous short-sale/foreclosure transactions so I can say without a doubt no two are alike. If you are contemplating this type of purchase call me on my cell at 609.402.8900 today for further information.

Joe Zarroli is an Official Certified Specialist for REO, Preforeclosure, Foreclosure and Short Sales in the Wildwoods.




REO Glossary of Terms



Absolute Auction - An auction with no minimum bid amount. The highest bidder gets the property no matter how low the bid.

Abstract of Title - A summary of the conveyances and other facts relied on as evidence of title.

Accrued Interest - Interest accumulated on the mortgage since the last payment.

Action - The 'notice of' is the published legal beginning of the demand for payment in a foreclosure proceeding.

Appraisal - An opinion of value.

Assessed Value - Value placed on property by the County for the purpose of computing real property taxes. In Florida the assessed value is usually 15-20% below market value but will vary by area.





BPO - Broker's Price Opinion also called a Comparative Market Analysis. A method of appraisal in which selling prices of similar properties are used as the basis for arriving at the value estimate. Institutional sellers usually rely on a BPO prepared by a real estate agent and a professional appraisal to determine a listing price.




Certificate of Sale - A certificate issued to a buyer at a judicial sale (e.g. foreclosure)  

Certificate of Title - In Florida this certificate is issued to a buyer 10 days after the foreclosure sale.

Certified Funds - Same as cash. Buyers monies must be brought to the closing in this form.

Closing - The final accounting of the real estate sale. The closing Statement outlines the costs on both the buyers and the sellers side of the transaction.

Contingent - Dependent upon conditions or events. There are conditions the institutional seller will consider in an offer to purchase such as the ability of the buyer to obtain a mortgage or perform inspections. The sale of another property to raise sufficient funds is an example of a contingent usually not considered.

Contract - A promise. Only when an offer to purchase has been fully executed (signed and initialled) by buyer and seller does it become a contract.




Default Judgment - against someone because they failed to show up in court.

Deficiency Judgment - Decision requiring a borrower to pay the lender the difference between the mortgage balance and the amount realized at the foreclosure sale.




Earnest Money - An amount of money given with the offer to purchase as a "good faith" gesture of the buyer's serious intent. Although not required by law in Florida, most institutional sellers require a minimum $500-$1000 deposit in a trust account with an offer

Escrow - The deposit of funds with a bonded neutral third party with instructions to carry out the provisions of a contract. Earnest money deposits are usually held in the trust accounts of either a real estate Broker, title company or attorney.




Fee Simple - Complete legal ownership of a property.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) - The federal government agency which administers FHA insured loans.

Federal Tax Lien - An obligation to the federal government as a result of non-payment of taxes.

F.N.M.A. - Abbreviation for the Federal National Mortgage Association affectionately known as "Fannie Mae", an agency which buys blocks of loans from banks. Due to its size, Fannie Mae Foreclosures make up a significant percentage of our Florida inventory.

F.H.L.M.C. - Abbreviation for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation affectionately known as "Freddie Mac", an agency performing a similar function to Fannie Mae and now much larger. Special financing is offered on Freddie Mac Foreclosures.

Foreclosure - Forced sale of property ordered by a lender due to delinquency in mortgage payments. A foreclosure sale terminates all rights of the mortgagor.




G.N.M.A. - Government National Mortgage Association affectionately known as Ginnie Mae is an agency in the secondary mortgage market dealing primarily in recycling VA and FHA mortgages. Grantee. The buyer.

Grantor - The seller.




HUD - Abbreviation for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an agency which oversees FHA. FHA foreclosures are called HUD Homes.



Institutional Lender - Financial institutions whose loans are regulated by law such as banks, credit unions and commercial loan agencies.

Involuntary Lien - A lien imposed against property without the owner's consent such as taxes, special assessments, federal income taxes, etc.





Junior Lien - A lien that does not have first priority making the property security for payment of a debt.




 Lien - An encumbrance using the property as security for the payment of a debt or obligation of the property owner.

Lis Pendens - Lawsuit pending. This usually recorded in Florida to give constructive notice of pending litigation.

Loan to Facilitate - Some institutional sellers offer financing to make their properties more attractive in the market.




Market Value - The price a property will bring in the open market under normal conditions.  

Mechanic's Lien - A lien placed on property by laborers or material suppliers who have contributed to an improvement.

Mortgage - A legal conveyance of property to a creditor for security (from the Latin meaning death pledge). Mortgagee - The lender.

Mortgagor - The borrower.

MLS - Multiple listing service run by local Realtor associations.





Notice of Default - A notice filed to show that the borrower under a mortgage is in default (behind on the payments).




Option - The right to buy or lease with specified terms for a specified period of time.

OREO - Other Real Estate Owned by institutions. Sometimes used to refer to foreclosure properties but can refer to branch offices, etc. owned by the bank




Points - A charge made by the lender for loaning money. One point equals one percent of the loan.

Portfolio Loan - Loan originated and held 'in house' as part of a lender's investments.

PMI - Private mortgage insurance required as part of the monthly payment in loans less than 80% loan to value (less than 20% downpayment).

Pre-foreclosure - Period between when a borrower becomes delinquent and the property is foreclosed upon.

Principal - A person acting for him/herself in a transaction. Also the amount of a loan exclusive of interest.




Qualifying - Process of demonstrating a person is credit worthy and has enough money to buy a property. Institutional sellers may require "proof" in the form of a letter from a lender or some verification of the source of funds if the sale is cash.

Quick Sale Value - Price estimated to sell in less than normal market time and therefore below market value.

Quiet Title - Legal process to eliminate title problems.

Quitclaim - A form of deed in which the grantor is giving the grantee rights to a property but makes no warranties about rights others may have.




Realtor - A broker or sales agent who is a member of a local real estate board affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. R.E.O. - An abbreviation for Real Estate Owned most commonly used to describe properties acquired in foreclosure and owned by institutions.

Right of Redemption - Right to buy a property back for a limited period of time (usually 10 days) after a foreclosure sale.




Secondary Mortgage Market - Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae were originally chartered by the federal government to stimulate the economy by either buying or recycling packages of loans from financial institutions.

Sheriff's Deed - Deed given by court order to satisfy a judgment.

Short Sale - In some instances in Florida a lender may agree to adjust the amount owed in order to get the property sold.

Special Asset - Term also used to describe properties acquired in foreclosure and owned by an institution.

Special Warranty Deed - See warranty deed. "Special" indicates there are limitations.




Title - Evidence that an owner is in lawful possession; instrument evidencing ownership.

 Title Insurance - Policy written by a title company to protect a property owner against loss if the title is imperfect.

Title Search - Process to determine validity of the title to real estate.




Warranty Deed - Assures the title conveyed is good and possession will be undisturbed.

 Workout - A special process in which some lenders and property owners may seek a solution to impending foreclosure by a payment plan or refinance 



Equal Housing Opportunity.
REALTOR® -- A registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. Inquiries regarding the Code of Ethics should be directed to the board in which the Realtor holds membership.

State of New Jersey Consumer Information Statement

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